Our Team

Current Members

Sabbie A. Miller
B.S., 2005-2008, Washington University in St. Louis
M.S., 2009-2010, Stanford University
Ph.D., 2010-2014, Stanford University
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-2016, University of California Berkeley
Research: Environmental impact assessment methods to mitigate ecological burdens of materials production, cementitious and polymeric composites, the valorization of biological and industrial byproduct streams in engineering alternative materials, and performance-driven materials discovery. (more information)


Sonoko Ichimaru Watanabe
B.S., 2008-2012, Ritsumeikan University
M.S., 2012-2014, Ritsumeikan University
Ph.D., 2014-2020, University of California Davis
Research: Quantifying material-related greenhouse gas emissions and the role of material longevity in mitigation strategies; development of decision-making tools


Kanotha Kamau-Devers
PhD student
B.S., 2009-2013, San Jose State University
M.S., 2013-2016, San Jose State University
Research: Bio-based and bio-inspired materials, material durability, environmental sustainability driven materials design



Patrick Cunningham
PhD student
B.S., 2014-2018, University of California Davis
M.S., 2018-2019, University of California Davis
Research: Experimental mechanics and environmental impact assessments of alternative cementitious materials focusing on binder systems that can valorize underutilized and waste mineral flows.


Elisabeth Van Roijen
PhD student
B.S., 2016-2020, Stony Brook University
Research: Environmental impact mitigation strategies for industrial materials production, material flow analysis of plastics, carbonation potential of materials.



Josefine Olson
B.S., 2015-2018, Chalmers University of Technology
M.S., 2019-2020, University of California Davis
Research: mitigation of greenhouse gas emission in structural design of reinforced concrete.



Leah Brinkman
MS student
B.S., 2015-2019, University of California Santa Barbara
Research: Material flow models to examine availability of supplementary cementitious materials as well as the effects of transportation and allocation.



Bill Peralta
Undergraduate student
Research: Bio-inspired geometries for improved material efficiency




Angani Vigneswaran
Undergraduate student
Research: Bio-derived polymer aging and its influence on mechanical properties




Scholarly Pup
Research: Squirrel behavior analysis




Past Members

Chao Fan (MS student)

Audrey Florman (undergraduate student)

Justin Caverly (undergraduate student)

Jacob Newman (undergraduate student)

Zachary Kortum (undergraduate student)

Darren Easterling (undergraduate student)

Haoting Pan (undergraduate student)

Valerie Yanez (undergraduate student)